Heat Transfer Oils


PACIFIC THERMAFIC 500 is engineered for precise and efficient temperature control up to 650 ° F (343 °C). With a high flashpoint, low vapor pressure and an initial boiling point above the maximum operating temperature, PACIFIC THERMAFIC 500 offers safety and performance for many diverse applications.

The difference

PACIFIC THERMAFIC 500 thermal oil contains the industry's most effective and resilient blend of additives to ensure long-lasting, trouble-free service. Our exclusive system includes a proprietary, dual-stage antioxidant and a special blend of metal deactivators, extenders, and other agents that prolong fluid life and help keep systems clean. That also means longer life for parts such as pumps and rotary seals.

Lasts Longer

Oxidation can cripple your system. Left unchecked, it ultimately will cause catastrophic failure and costly downtime. That's why PACIFIC THERMAFIC 500 thermal oil offers unsurpassed levels of protection against oxidation, and a service life that other fluids simply can't match.

Runs Cleaner

PACIFIC THERMAFIC 500 thermal oil delivers superior resistance to sludging, a problem plaguing most other fluids. That makes it the best defense against extreme oxidation found in many of today's demanding manufacturing environments, including plastics processing, molding, casting, asphalt, paint, chemical and a wide variety of other applications. In fact, our exclusive additive technology makes PACIFIC THERMAFIC 500 the perfect solution for all applications, large or small requiring precise temperature control up to 650 ° F (343 °C).


PACIFIC THERMAFIC 500 thermal oil is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-reportable. It poses no ill effect to worker safety and does not require special handling. PACIFIC THERMAFIC 500 thermal oil can easily be disposed of with other waste oils.