Speciality Grades

Speciality Grade Products

KÔACH PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS offers one of the most comprehensive speciality grades of lubricants in the industry, with a portfolio of more than 1,000 grades to suit every application from the smallest consumer to the largest machine. Our superior quality products are backed by the highest levels of after sales and technical service.

At our refinery, we produce high quality, specialist base oils, which in turn are used to manufacture lubricants at our blending plants, under the rigorous specifications set by our research and development laboratories. KÔACH PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS works in partnership with customers to develop the special products they need and provides expert technical advice on applications to maximise the benefit of our products.

KÔACH PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS with its unique, innovative and progressive approach develops, manufactures and markets some of the finest quality lubricants in the world representing the very best and latest in lubricant technology.

In the base and process oil markets, the superior performance of our specialised products is world renowned and our "special blend" technology second to none. The combined features of quality, consistency and colour have lead to a demand for those products from a diverse range of customers.