Machine Coolants


PACIFIC COOL 1000 is a general-purpose soluble coolant. It is manufactured from carefully selected premium quality base oils, with a combination of specially formulated emulsifiers, anti-foam, wetting, anti-bacterial and extreme pressure agents. This combination makes it an extremely heavy duty, high quality, stable product, with excellent natural rust inhibition. PACIFIC COOL 1000 effectively carries off chips and swarf, keeping parts and machinery clean, and enables your filtration system to function properly.

Designed to operate in a range of 3% to 8%, this product will extend tool life while reducing rejects due to surface bruises. It exhibits superior cooling capabilities, allowing closer tolerances from less heat expansion. PACIFIC COOL 1000 is recommended for use in applications calling for a general purpose soluble, and works equally well in ferrous or nonferrous applications.

  • Always pre-mix coolant before adding it to the machine.
  • If mixing by hand, always add the coolant concentrate to water, then agitate.
  • For best results, a proportioner should be used.
  • Since water evaporates from the coolant, the concentration will increase over time. To maintain the recommended concentration, makeup coolant should be pre-mixed at half the % concentration as the initial fill.