Industrial - Turbine Oils


PACIFIC TURBINE OIL is a premium quality circulating oil made from highly refined paraffin base stocks and the finest additives available. It is specially formulated to excellent chemical stability, filterability, rust protection and cleanliness. PACIFIC TURBINE OIL is highly recommended for use in gas turbine, and the other applications requiring supreme quality turbine.

Gas turbine oils are often exposed to high temperature that can cause sludge and varnish formation. PACIFIC TURBINE OIL is fortified with highly effective oxidation inhibitors to prevent deposit build up. It exhibits outstanding performance in the two ASTM (ASTM D-943 Turbine oil Oxidation Oil and ASTM D-2272 Rotary Bomb Oxidation Test). As a result, PACIFIC TURBINE OIL provides long, trouble-free service life in severe service applications such as gas turbines. PACIFIC TURBINE OIL is fully qualified for use in turbines made by all the major US manufacturers.

In addition to potent oxidation inhibitors, PACIFIC TURBINE OIL contains other additives. Rust and corrosion inhibitors protect metal surfaces, even when salt water is present. Its special rust inhibitor does not gel in the presence of water and metal salts like many standard R&O oils. A special anti-foam agent is used to provide superior foam resistance. This is especially important since foam reduces file strength and can lead to accelerate wear.

Another benefits of PACIFIC TURBINE OIL is its superior water ability. Water contamination is a common problem in circulation systems. PACIFIC TURBINE OIL rapidly separates from water so it can settle out in the reservoir and be drained off. PACIFIC TURBINE OIL separates completely within 10 minutes.

  • Prevents sludge and varnish deposits
  • Provides long service life
  • Rapidly separates from water
  • Resists foaming
  • Chemically stable
  • Lower maintenance cost