Silicon Oils


PACIFIC FABSIL is prepared from specially modified Aminomethyl Polysiloxanes. The product is a micro emulsion that imparts a soft silky handle with durable finish and gives the fabric the elastomeric effect.

PACIFIC FABSIL is designed to impart a permanent superior feel and finish to the fabric. The fabric after treatment exhibits crease resistance, soft feel, sheen, and body.


  • The finish is fast to washing and dry cleaning.
  • Imparts Superior Supple Softness & Elastomeric Effect.
  • Imparts surface smoothness as required by Polyester or blends.
  • Permanent Supple Soft Handle
  • Silky Smoothness.
  • Compatible with Crease resistant resins.
  • Cross Linkable
  • Improves Fabric Physical Properties

Instructions to Use

The product can be diluted with soft water at ambient temperature and can be applied by both pad and exhaust method.

PACIFIC FABSIL can be used in the concentration range of 0.4% to 1.5% by weight of the fabric or 4 to 15 grams per garment. The pH of the finish bath should be maintained at around 5. Recommended exhaustion time is 20 -30 minutes at about 40 °C bath temperature. The fabrics are then hydro-extracted followed by drying at temperatures above 100 °C for about 30 minutes.

3 to 10 gpl of PACIFIC FABSIL is taken in the padding bath and the pH of the bath is kept at 5. After application the fabric is cured for a short period at about 150 °C.

To ensure a better finish: Water hardness should be below 250 ppm, make fabric free from sizing agent and check for any pH drift during the softening cycle.

Handling and Safety

PACIFIC FABSIL may not be compatible with certain materials. It is deactivated by highly acidic materials and may cause gelation with chemicals containing hydroxy groups. Other materials such as anionics, lower alcohols salts etc. may break the silicone emulsion. It is recommended that any mixture of PACIFIC FABSIL emulsion with other materials be thoroughly checked before it is put into factory production.