Rust Preventive Oils


The PACIFIC RUSTNILL Series contains three premium performance rust preventives that cover a range of applications including storage and inter-operational activities. The RUSTNILL 100 and 200 are intended for protection cold-rolled sheet and coiled steel in the metal industry. RUSTNILL 400 is intended for the lubrication and rust protection of wire rope in industrial, construction, mining and marine applications. The PACIFIC RUSTNILL Series products exhibit excellent water displacing properties and form thin tenacious films that protect surfaces even under severe conditions that include high moisture levels and exposure to acid or corrosive fumes.

The PACIFIC RUSTNILL 100 and 200 form wet, oily and extremely thin barrier films that are not tacky so that they will not attract dirt or other foreign matter. They will protect sheet and coiled steel for up to twelve months, even under severe conditions that include variations in humidity and exposure to acid fumes that might be found in the vicinity of pickling operations.

PACIFIC RUSTNILL 400 forms a grease-like film that protects wire ropes from corrosion tendencies of salt spray and moisture-laden atmospheres. It is effective throughout the extremes of temperature that may be encountered at sea and gives good protection against mild acids. It is pliable at –35 ºC and will not drip at 60ºC. It resists throw-off in high-speed service and adheres without being tacky or stringy. The film is self-healing and does not chip.

  • PACIFIC RUSTNILL 100 and 200 provide an effective and cost efficient means of protecting cold-rolled sheet and coiled steel prior to processing and during storage. They provide extended protection, even under severe storage conditions resulting in less reject and scrapped materials.

  • PACIFIC RUSTNILL 400 works well between the strands of wire rope providing excellent lubrication as well as protective films. These characteristics reduce wear and improve life of the wire ropes as well as minimize maintenance costs associated with their use. It is compatible with other wire rope core impregnating materials that may have been applied during manufacture. It is easy to apply and economical to use.