Capacitor Fluids


PACIFIC ALPHA Fluid is a bio-based, sustainable, natural ester dielectric coolant for use in distribution and power class transformers where its unique fire safety, environmental, electrical, and chemical properties are advantageous. It is formulated from seed oils and performance enhancing additives. It does not contain petroleum, halogens, silicones, corrosive sulphur, or any other questionable material.


    The low viscosity of PACIFIC ALPHA Fluid compares favorably with ordinary transformer oils. Its low pour point of 50 °C and excellent lubricity make it an ideal fluid for transformers with forced circulated coolant pumps.


    Favorable specific heat, thermal conductivity and coefficient of expansion values also contribute to its performance.


    PACIFIC ALPHA Fluid has stable chemical properties which help to extend equipment use. The oxidation stability properties limit the aging process of the fluid.


    The high fire point of over 300 °C and excellent heat transfer property make PACIFIC ALPHA Fluid an inherently ignition-resistant material. Federal Railway Administration testing has further concluded that this class of fluid is satisfactory from the standpoint of flammability and fire extinguishment capability. Field history supports the safety qualities of PACIFIC ALPHA Fluid. To date, there has never been a fire reported involving the fluid.