Marine and Offshore

Marine and Offshore Products

KÔACH PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS marine lubricants represents the very best and latest in lubricant technology. Specifically developed to meet the demands of ship operators, it ensures that all lubricants are at the cutting edge of technology to offer the best world class products available.

All lubricants are engineered and formulated for a specific purpose, whether to maintain fleets of dry cargo ships, estuarial barges or freight forwarding operations. This has enabled KÔACH PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS to provide ship operators with the highest quality marine lubricants whilst extending and strengthening its product range.

KÔACH PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS recognises the importance of local support and expertise in the products and services offered; the combination of an experienced sales force, technical support, customer service professionals and a worldwide delivery network means the highest level of service and after sales back up is consistently delivered.