Auto Products

Almost no one understands the technologies of engines, gearboxes and hydraulics better than KÔACH PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS. Because as an independent lubricant manufacturer, we concentrate exclusively on lubricants. This has made us the leading factory-fill manufacturer for the industry. We can always recommend you the best product because we know the technical requirements. For all applications. All the time.

Whether grease for bearings in vehicles and machinery, or hydraulic oils for all sorts of applications or engine and gear oils for all the vehicles operating on construction sites or quarries – KÔACH PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS is the single source for the best lubricant. Also lubricants, for example, which allow the rationalisation of oil grades if a mixed vehicle fleet is operated. Regardless of which KÔACH PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS lubricant you choose; It will save you money – every single day.

Lubricants are by no means all the same: The high-performance lubricants from KÔACH PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS offer you ultimate reliability at all temperatures, lower oil consumption, significantly lower fuel consumption and specifically extended service intervals. The advantages are tangible; whenever engines and gearboxes run freer and more reliably, operating costs are lower if only because they consume less. And just 1 % lower fuel consumption means, depending on operating conditions, fuel savings of several hundred Dollar per vehicle and year.