PACIFIC ELESAFE POLYUREA GREASE is a second generation polyurea grease. This unique new, high performance, multi-purpose grease is based on advanced polyurea technology. It is formulated from pure petroleum base oils then fortified with extreme pressure additives and rust and oxidation inhibitors. It gives longer bearing life under high speed, high temperature and high water applications than most other widely used anti-friction bearing greases. The distinctive Green colour makes it easy to identify during and after lubrication.


  • Long life at high temperatures
  • High extreme pressure characteristics
  • Excellent rust protection
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Friendly to copper containing components at high temperature
  • Excellent low temperature properties
  • Environmentally friendly. Contains no heavy metals or chlorine compounds
  • Compatible with many seal materials such as Neoprene, Nitrile, Hytrel and Silicone
  • Recommended for “Sealed for Life” applications


PACIFIC ELESAFE POLYUREA GREASE is suited for many demanding jobs in the industrial, agricultural, automotive and off-road equipment. It is designed as a multi-service grease for construction equipment, paper and steel mills, conveyers, die pins, electric motors, high speed antifriction bearings and many other applications that require long lasting lubricant protection.

PACIFIC ELESAFE POLYUREA GREASE is an excellent choice for automotive applications. It is recommended for wheel bearings that must withstand heat generated by disc brakes. It is an ideal chassis and CV joint lubricant because of its low temperature properties, shear stability and water resistance capabilities. It meets NLGI certification GC-LB.