PACIFIC ELESAFE MP 2 MARINE GREASE is a new generation of calcium grease that is characterized by its spectacular mechanical stability. It carries a very high load rating, excellent water resistance, with oxidation and corrosion stability. This is truly a multi purpose calcium grease with its wide operating temperature range of 23ºC ( 10ºF) 204ºC (400ºF). The product is environmentally friendly because it contains no heavy metals or any other harmful undesirable additives.


  • High Shear Stability
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
  • Water Resistance
  • High Load Capabilities


PACIFIC ELESAFE MP 2 MARINE GREASE is intended for all automotive applications including chassis points, wheel bearings, fifth wheels, king pins, etc. Typical industrial applications are anti friction bearings, low and high-speed general bearings, oven conveyors, electric motor bearings, steel mill roller bearings, crusher bearings, die pins, construction and agricultural equipment.