PACIFIC ELESAFE MOTOR SEAL TREATMENT is a unique, scientifically engineered, versatile engine oil treatment. It is designed to stop oil leaks from older, hardened seals that are not damaged or cracked, reduced friction on moving parts, neutralize motor acids and protect against corrosion. Oil consumption, due to leaking seals, is stopped by a unique control seal swell additive that renews the pliability of the seal and restores them to their original size and performance level.

PACIFIC ELESAFE MOTOR SEAL TREATMENT contains powerful cleaning and detergency additives which clean-up the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valve by dissolving the harmful contaminants from blow-by gases which frequently build up on the rendering it inoperative. The engine is further protected by the friction reducing and anticorrosion properties of the PACIFIC ELESAFE MOTOR SEAL TREATMENT which forms an extremely durable chemical plating on the metal surfaces that protect against wear and scuffing, thus lowering maintenance costs and increasing engine life. It does not contain any chlorinated paraffin, lead compounds, graphite, moly, or PTFE.


When added to the crankcase of both older and new engines, PACIFIC ELESAFE MOTOR SEAL TREATMENT will stop leaks in the main bearing and other engine seals that have become hardened with age. The seals are renewed by the unique properties of the proprietary additives that condition the old and harden elastomers in the seals by restoring the elasticity and allowing the seal to expand and seal replacement.

When PACIFIC ELESAFE MOTOR SEAL TREATMENT is added to the motor oil in the crankcase it immediately goes to work while the car is being driven to stop leaks, reduce wear and increase gas mileage. It is recommended for use with all gasoline and diesel engine motor oils in both older and new cars, trucks, vans, trackers, etc.