PACIFIC ELESAFE MOTOR OIL CONDITIONER is a specially formulated premium crankcase oil conditioner. It is designed to quiet valve and lifter noise, reduce oil consumption and increase horsepower by enhancing the viscosity and protection of the motor oil at both normal and extended high temperature operation. It utilizes special proprietary additives that chemically plate the metal surfaces against wear and scuffing, thus lowering maintenance costs and increasing the life of the engine.

PACIFIC ELESAFE MOTOR OIL CONDITIONER contains active anti-oxidation ingredients that increase the oxidation properties of the motor oil and help to neutralize the corrosive combustion formed acids that damage the engine. It does not contain any chlorinated paraffins or lead compounds that can increase combustion acid formation.


  • Helps quiet noisy engines
  • Reduces Oil Consumption
  • Lengthens Engine Life
  • Reduces Exhaust Smoke
  • Reduces Friction & Wear
  • Increases Horsepower
  • Lowers Maintenance Costs
  • Increases Fuel Economy


PACIFIC ELESAFE MOTOR OIL CONDITIONER, when added to the crankcase oil, improves the ring and valve stem seals which restores compression, reduces oil consumption & exhaust smoke and increases fuel economy. It is recommended for use with gasoline and diesel engine motor oils in both older and new cars, trucks, tractors and vans.