PACIFIC ELESAFE COPPER ANTI-SEIZE GREASE is a general purpose, economical, industrial anti-seize and lubricating paste containing micro-sized copper particles and graphite in a special no-melt petroleum base grease. It adheres well to metal surfaces and offers exceptional wear resistance. Therefore it can provide outstanding protection against galling, seizing and corrosion on metal surfaces even under the most extreme of heat, pressure, steam and water exposure.


PACIFIC ELESAFE COPPER ANTI-SEIZE GREASE is unlike conventional products on the market because the maximum blend of metallic solids, proprietary dry-film lubricants and anti-galling agents have been homogenized into a specially designed petroleum base grease which does not contain clay or soap base thickeners. This helps to provide a superior product that will not melt and run out after application. In addition, this stable blend is unaffected by severe temperatures, vibration, expansion and contraction. Other advantages include:

  • Protects up to +1800 °F
  • Reduces Torque
  • Prevents Carbon Fusion
  • Prevents Rust & Corrosion
  • Excellent Lubricity
  • Prevents Galling & Seizing
  • Steam & Water Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Extreme Pressure Lubricant
  • Non-melting


PACIFIC ELESAFE COPPER ANTI-SEIZE GREASE was designed as a preventative maintenance tool providing complete parts protection on threaded fittings and all metal surfaces subjected to harsh environments or high temperatures up to +1800 °F. It was formulated to fit a wide variety of metal working, automotive, oilfield, construction and farm equipment applications. A few such examples include:

  • Nuts, Bolts & Screws
  • Sensors
  • Sprockets & Chains
  • Forging Dies
  • Splines & Gears
  • Battery Posts
  • Gaskets
  • Keyways & Shafts
  • Brake Cams & Pins
  • Conveyers
  • Valve Assemblies
  • Spark Plugs

CAUTION: Do Not Use On Oxygen Systems