Cement Products

The cement and concrete industry has some of toughest operating conditions in the industrial marketplace, including heavy loads, shock loads, temperature extremes, exposure to the elements and the constant presence of contaminants such as cement dust. To run their operations, they use a wide range of equipment, including ball mills, kilns, crushers, vertical mills, bucket elevators, conveyor systems and mobile plants. KÔACH PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS understands the important role lubricants play in cement and concrete operations. We have a wide range of high-performance greases and oils that will protect your equipment.

KÔACH PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS comprehensive lubrication reliability program can have an immediate impact by increasing machine life and decreasing maintenance costs. It focuses on the use of correct lubricants as well as the proper care of these lubricants, which means ensuring that they are kept contaminant-free to extend the life of the lubricants as well as the expensive equipment they protect.

Lubricants are not all made the same. In the high-impact, heavily contaminated applications such as those found in cement and concrete plants, a high-performance lubricant can have a significant impact on reducing operating and maintenance costs. The critical equipment in these plants generally has to work 365 days a year, and every hour of downtime is expensive for the company. Lost production is very difficult to replace.