Metal Working Fluid - Water Soluble Type


PACIFIC AQUACUT is an emulsifiable cutting and grinding fluid for the general machining and grinding of ferrous and nonferrous metal. The oily concentrate mixes easily with hard or soft water to form a stable white emulsion that provides optimum wetting and good chip and grit settling action.

PACIFIC AQUACUT is especially well suited for recirculating central systems where conventional maintenance techniques can prolong the service life of the emulsion, resulting in an economical soluble oil. Residues in the splash areas of machine tools and auxiliary equipment are typically oily and re-emulsifiable.

  • Mixes easily with waters of various hardness, providing a stable, milky-white mix
  • The oil residue provides lubrication to fixtures and gauges, and is re-emulsifiable.
  • Immersion tests indicate a 5% emulsion is non staining to copper and aluminum alloys.