INTRODUCTION - Pacific Speciality Oils - An award-winning brand

KÔACH PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS is a leading player in the Lubricant market. Our products are bought and sold all over the world. As an independent manufacturer and specialist, we are capable to react to market developments and specific requirements of our customers. We offer a wide products range, technical advice, sales support and flexible delivery.

Ever since inception, the KÔACH PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS has laid emphasis on contributing to the development of the industry in its own unique way, by manufacturing high calibre products and consistently upgrading the technology.

We are proud to have won the confidence of our customers and employees, who has given us their unfailing support and understanding all our endeavours creating a successful partnership with the global industry in its process.

KÔACH PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS specializes in designing and manufacturing and marketing, industrial & automobile lubricants, process oils, transformer oils, greases and other specialities under the brand name KÔACH PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS in India & internationally.

Extensive assortment

KÔACH PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS supplies lubricants for the automotive and two-cycle sector as well as for industrial, marine and agricultural applications. KÔACH PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS products amply fulfill the international specifications for automobile and machine manufacturers as well as army and government requirements.

Good advice!

Quality and service have top priority at KÔACH PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS. Our technical department will be happy to answer any queries regarding lubricants and find a suitable solution for you. In addition KÔACH PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS offers an on-line advisory program, also available on CD-Rom, to help you find the right lubricant for your vehicle. You thus have easy access to our growing lubricant database. In the KÔACH PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS laboratories, our specialists use state-of-the-art technology to research new opportunities to respond to market developments. This on-going research and permanent product control are your guarantee for the quality of our products.

Sales support

In addition to technical advice, KÔACH PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS provides commercial support in promoting our products. Based on your situation, we can develop and supply promotional material. And of course you can benefit from our regular promotional campaigns.

In short…

Excellent service, fast delivery time, good technical support and a wide product range in both large and small packaging make KÔACH PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS a valued partner.