PACIFIC ELESAFE HI-ZINC OIL TREATMENT is a heavy-duty anti-wear additive that provides conventional motor oils with the extra protection of zinc and phosphorous (ZDDP) necessary to protect against camshaft, lifter and valve train damage on break in. It is designed to allow piston rings to seat properly, while allowing other engine components to avoid excessive wear.


  • Dramatically Increases Anti-Wear Characteristics of Engine Oil.
  • Prevents Scuffing and Galling.
  • Designed for Gas and Diesel Engines.
  • Compatible with All Petroleum and Synthetic Engine Oils.


PACIFIC ELESAFE HI-ZINC OIL TREATMENT is designed for use in Pre-OBD, Off-Road, Industrial, Agricultural and Racing vehicles.


Pour one 4 ounce bottle of PACIFIC ELESAFE HI-ZINC OIL TREATMENT into 4-6 quart capacity crankcases at each oil change.