PACIFIC QUENCH 2000 is a chemically active concrete form release oil. This is a versatile product that can be used in dry cast and wet cast forming applications. For dry cast pipe manufacturers, it easily releases headers and pallets. It is suitable for use in all wet cast applications, especially pre-stressed beams and architectural applications.

  • Low fogging and misting
  • Contains no toxic or carcinogenic raw materials
  • Minimal build-up which in turn maximizes productivity
  • Low pour point - suitable for year round use

Directions for use

PACIFIC QUENCH 2000 can be applied by spray, dip, brush or roller to many types of form work and provides quick release from hardened concrete. It may be used on metal, wood and plastic forms.

Form surfaces should be clean and free from contaminants to ensure optimum performance of the release agent. For best appearance on formed concrete surfaces, apply a thin coating. Wipe off any excess accumulation of release oil, as this condition may inhibit performance.