PACIFIC COOL 9003 is a light to medium duty synthetic machining and grinding fluid. It is specifically formulated for the machining of carbide. Its unique additive package minimizes the cobalt leaching common with many other synthetic coolants. It can be used on a wide variety of ferrous materials. It contains no chlorine, sulfur, or phosphorus additives. It has excellent corrosion protection at concentrations as low as 50:1 and is virtually non-foaming.

Mixing Instructions

  • Always pre-mix coolant before adding it to the machine.
  • If mixing by hand, always add the coolant concentrate to water, then agitate.
  • For best results, a proportioner should be used.
  • Since water evaporates from the coolant, the concentration will increase over time. To maintain the recommended concentration, makeup coolant should be pre-mixed at half the % concentration as the initial fill.