PACIFIC COOL 7800 forms a stable micro emulsion in a wide variety of water qualities and is designed to be very low foaming. It displays excellent machining capabilities for all metals, while offering high bio-resistance.

Performance Benefits

  • Safe to use on a wide range of metals, including: Tough Stainless Alloys, Titanium, Cast Aluminum, Ferrous metals & Cast Iron.
  • Cleanliness – parts and machines stay remarkably clean.
  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection for inner workings of the machine tool, machine ways, and machined parts.
  • Extreme pressure lubrication extends tool life and provides good finish.
  • Very Operator Friendly with high operator acceptance.

Recommended Concentration

Grinding 5 - 6% Machining 6 - 10% Tapping 8 - 10%

Refractometer Reading

Grinding 5 - 6 Machining 6 - 10 Tapping 8 - 10