Marine oils especially designed for the lubrication of the high and medium speed Diesel engines

  • Good thermal stability.
  • Good detergent properties at high temperatures.
  • Good dispersing properties at low temperatures.
  • Good wear protection.
  • Good oil film strength at extreme pressures.
  • Excellent water resistance.
  • Excellent capacity for centrifuging and for separating out water and insolubles.
  • Excellent filtration capacity.
  • Very good acidic neutralisation capability


  • Turbocharged and naturally aspirated main and auxiliary engines of all types and all ratings, running on Gas Oil or Marine Diesel Oil (ISO 8217 DMX and DMA)
  • PACIFIC MPOWER MDO 3000 can be used for the running-in of slow speed 2 stroke crosshead engines
  • Bearings and stern-tubes
  • Reduction gear lubricating