PACIFIC RUSTNILL SX is an advanced rust preventive blended of selected rust prevention components dissolved in a high-flash point solvent. It is specially intended for medium-term to long-term protection.

  • Protection of spare parts during storage

    PACIFIC RUSTNILL SX is suitable for the protection of many types of spares during storage: engine components automotive parts and extruded and machined surfaces.

  • Protection in acidic environment

    PACIFIC RUSTNILL SX enables the storage protection in acidic or other aggressive atmospheres.

  • Dipping, Spraying and Brushing

    It is best applied by dipping but can also be sprayed. Brushing of the fluid can also be used but extra care must be taken to ensure that adventitious dirt, particulates or brush fibres are not inadvertently introduced which may remain in the film as they can significantly detract from anti-corrosion performance.
    Product must be protected against frost. The product must be shaken before use (risk of a small degree of footing but this does not alter performance).
    Duration of Fluid Storage: 12 months maximum