• Multipurpose Rust Cleaner
  • Excellent rust removing properties
  • Penetrates well in hard to reach area
  • Releases jammed bolt and nuts
  • Effective cleans rusted parts by dissolving rust
  • Very good decarboniser and cleaner
  • Reduces squeaks by lubricating effectively
  • Provides good rust and corrosion protection
  • Does not corrode or damage components even if the residue is not cleaned properly
  • A highly economical multipurpose cleaner, degreaser, rust remover and lubricant


  • For opening jammed bolts, nuts, screws, studs, and other rusted connections
  • As an effective rust fighter cum lubricant in pipelines, valves, gensets, motors, boilers, pumps, lathe machines, hoists, lift cranes, chains, sprockets, compressors, fans, blowers, flanges, tanks, machinery, office equipment, health club equipment, farm machinery, auto garages, store items
  • For cleaning and restoring aesthetic look to various machined components
  • For practically all types of industries including heavy engineering, auto, steel, marine, sugar, cement, chemicals, refinery and many others Can be used for domestic and office purpose like health equipment, typewriters, photo copier, general machines and cleaning rusted household items