PACIFIC SYNPOWER 0W 40 is specially formulated for ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles and other powersports applications. Its broad viscosity range and wax-free formulation make it excellent for use in both hot and cold temperature extremes. As an SAE 40-weight motor oil, PACIFIC SYMPOWER 0W 40 Oil provides outstanding protection for hot-operating engines, while its 0W rating and -60?F pour point ensure easy cranking, excellent cold-weather starting and quick post-startup protection. PACIFIC SYNPOWER 0W 40 Oil is an extreme-temperature lubricant that provides outstanding performance in high-performance, recreational or work/utility engines.

  • Resists Heat and Thermal Breakdown

    PACIFIC SYNPOWER 0W 40 Oil to withstand the high temperatures of recreational engines. It effectively resists oxidation and oil vaporization to help prevent carbon/varnish formation, control oil consumption and minimize exhaust emissions. It also controls oil thickening, promoting improved fuel economy, and it helps keep engines clean for peak operating efficiency.

  • Excellent For Transmissions

    PACIFIC SYNPOWER 0W 40 Oil is wet-clutch compatible and contains no friction modifiers, making it ideal for both two- and four-stroke ATV transmissions. The friction-modifier-free formulation is designed to prevent clutch slippage, helping deliver maximum torque and power to the wheels ? a critical feature for towing or high-horsepower engines. It meets the frictional requirements of JASO MA/MA2 and ISO-L-EMA2.

  • Superior Wear Protection

    PACIFIC SYNPOWER 0W 40 Oil is formulated with high levels of antiwear additives that provide excellent protection for pistons, bearings and gears in transmission-containing units. Its shear-stable, SAE 40 viscosity delivers a thick lubricating film for an extra margin of protection in hard-working engines.

  • Anti-Foam

    Churning occurs in high-rpm engines that can cause oil to foam, depleting its lubricating abilities and increasing heat and wear. PACIFIC SYNPOWER 0W 40 Oil controls foam, promoting cooler engine operation and reduced wear.

  • Special Additives

    PACIFIC SYNPOWER 0W 40 Oil contains robust dispersant/detergent additives that effectively neutralize the high levels of acids and combustion by-products prone to small engines. It is anti-rust fortified for superior rust prevention, which is especially important in seasonally or infrequently used powersports equipment.