PACIFIC SYNTUFF is recommended for heavily loaded open gears, skid rails, bushings, couplings, bearings, cables, etc., or low speed bearings operating at high temperatures. It is a viscous, tacky, semi-fluid lubricant that protects extremely heavily loaded sliding surfaces such as open gears, skid rails, etc., where other EP products perform poorly or even fail. It cannot be washed off by water and its superior, synthetic corrosion inhibitors provide outstanding protection in wet and / or corrosive environments.

Synthetic oils enable PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS to make superior lubricants, but it is PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS’s advanced additive technology that gives PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS’s EP lubricants their amazing performance advantages. Synthetic additive technology truly is beyond synthetic.

Synthetic additive technology, PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS’s tough EP lubricating film provides maximum protection under boundary lubrication conditions typically caused by heavily loaded, slow speed and / or shock load conditions. This tenacious, slippery film significantly improves lubrication and reduces wear by increasing the oil film thickness and toughness, which helps to prevent metal-to-metal contact in gears and bearings.

Synthetic additive technology is non-corrosive to gears and bearings, including case-hardened gears that are easily pitted by conventional sulfur-phosphorus EP oils. Synthetic additive technology displaces water from metal surfaces and excels in protecting equipment in wet environments. It also fortifies the oil against the detrimental effects of heat, which causes the oil to oxidize.

  • Severe Service Performance

    PACIFIC SYNTUFF Series provides unbelievably smooth, extreme pressure performance.

  • Adhesive Lubricant

    PACIFIC SYNTUFF Series will not be squeezed or channeled from pressure areas.

  • Contains Cushioning Molecules

    PACIFIC SYNTUFF Series dampens sudden, severe shock loads.

  • Hydrophobic

    PACIFIC SYNTUFF Series remains unaffected by fresh and saltwater.

  • Greater Lubricity

    PACIFIC SYNTUFF Series noticeably reduces wear and saves energy.

  • Excellent Corrosion Protection

    PACIFIC SYNTUFF Series protects all metals during operation and shutdown.

  • Compatible with Other Oils

    PACIFIC SYNTUFF Series is compatible with mineral oils and most synthetic oils.

  • Easy to Use

    PACIFIC SYNTUFF Series can be pumped, painted or swabbed onto exposed gears, rails, etc.

  • Long Lasting

    PACIFIC SYNTUFF Series uses less lubricant, lasts longer and extends relubrication intervals.