PACIFIC MOTOMIN 2T Oil is for general purpose use in 2-stroke engines. It is suitable for a wide range of motorcycles and is mainly recommended for urban use. It is a clean oil, which cares for the engine and always keeps the exhaust vents clean. In addition, it supports very high temperatures produced by intensive use in city traffic, or as a consequence of carrying a passenger on a scooter or a small cylinder capacity motorcycle.


  • Increased lubricating power that reduces wear, extending the engine's life span.
  • Minimizes the formation of deposits, keeping the exhaust ports clean.
  • Reduces spark plug sweating and prevents the piston rings from sticking.
  • Also suitable for lawnmowers, chainsaws and other equipment used for DIY or small-scale agriculture.

Quality Levels

  • JASO M345 FB
  • API TC