PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS can service not only the Indian customers but also the global customers seamlessly across the World. PACIFIC SPECIALITY OILS enjoys a significant logistical & strategic advantage for servicing its global clientele.

The manufacturing sites are equipped with state-of-the-art production facilities having capacity for meeting customer needs. The manufacturing infrastructure and quality systems at the sites are approved by major corporate and multinational companies from all sectors.

The plants are equipped with Hi-tech blending facility quality-control test labs & automated filling & packaging stations. The plants produce a wide range of products without any compromise on quality and consistency. The plant is located in California, USA.

Production Capacity

Its production capacity is 120,000 t/year, mixing an average of 100,000 t/year. Even though the main market is Spain, the plant supplies more than 70 countries in which Pacific Speciality Oils sells its lubricants, with an ever increasing demand.

The main lubricating oils manufactured cover three principal areas:

  • Automotive Lubricants: Used to lubricate all moving parts of vehicle engines and transmissions. These lubricants are manufactured using the latest technology, meeting the most demanding quality standards and regulations.
  • Industrial Oils: A range of oils as diverse as the machinery and applications that exist: turbines, compressors, gears, hydraulics, power transmission or remote movements, rolling metals, suspension, refrigeration equipment, guides and machine tools, dielectric oils for transformers, etc.
  • Marine Oils: Designed to lubricate the large diesel motors of ships, especially adapted to the fuel used in those motors.

The plant is operated by a 100 person team and counts on modern facilities, which allows it to develop a wide variety of products of very complex formulation, thereby meeting the needs of each customer.

Mixtures and packing plant

The plant occupies an area of 11,673 m2, equipped with 5 automatic mixers and 6 state-of-the-art packing lines, used to pack in different formats:

  • 1000 L containers
  • 200 L barrels

Cistern Filling Stations

The plant has two cistern filling stations for finished products.

Storage Tanks

The plant has a complete system of tanks storing mineral and synthetic oils, additives and finished oils. In total it has 100 tanks with an overall storage capacity of

13,000 m3.

Storage for packaged lubricating oils

With an area of 20,167 m2, this is designed as a universal central storage with a capacity for more than 12,000 pallets monitored by radiofrequency.

Quality Control Laboratory

The laboratory is in charge of analysing the quality of raw material upon reception, intermediate products and finished oils before they can be sold.